Monetising a media archive.

Credit: UI Centric


Iron Mountain


Iron Mountain’s ‘Smart Vault’ is a digital content repository and media asset management platform at enterprise scale for the unique needs of content owners and creators. Smart Vault features a world class security to protect assets across their entire lifecycle – from analog or physical format to digitisation, digital preservation, and distribution.

As part of the work, we conducted a UX audit to identify and highlight key areas where the usability and user interface were sub-optimal, such as workflows, user journeys, content layout, data presentation and others. This exercise was further validated by talking to current users to understand pain points and issues.

Based on the learnings the platform was reimagined in interactive ‘wireframes’ to test concepts and propose new workflows, and it was given a complete visual overhaul with special consideration to allow clients to personalise the user interface with custom branding and colour schemes.