Helping people in emerging markets plan their journeys safely and efficiently.

Credit: Where Is My Transport




Rumbo is a public transport app that helps commuters in Mexico City, Lima, and Bangkok  get reliable and real-time data from every mode of public transport. The aim is to help users make journeys safely by providing information about public transport routes, schedules, and safety measures.

As UI lead, I was tasked with creating a visual language that was playful and intuitive. Working closely with UX designers we developed a system in which users can clearly access real-time updates on the status of public transportation services, including delays, cancellations, or changes in schedules.

The app had to be joyful, it had to feel safe and useable. Our challenge was to truly reflect the full power of Rumbo. It had to be fun & engaging, but with purpose; to feel approachable & packed with personality, but easy to understand.

Through a series of dynamic brand elements we injected character and movement to elevate the users experience, referencing transport and conveying excitement.

A key problem commuters in emerging countries are facing is safety.  Acting as a travel companion, Rumbo had to feel approachable. A series of friendly companions allowed users to feel as though they had a fiend every step of the way, acting as a trusted travel guide.